Oxygen cylinder is a refillable oxygen tank used to hold compressed medical oxygen under high pressure. Oxygen is used in many industries but we will remain strict to healthcare sector. Oxygen tank is used with patients who are facing breathlessness issues.

Essential components required for using with oxygen:

1:Flow meter


3:Face mask/Nasal


How to install kit on Oxygen cylinder:

First of all, install the flow meter and regulator at the connecting point of cylinder then tight it with wrench. Once you are done with tightening install the bottle,with it and fill the bottle with half of water, then open the cylinder with the key.


If we talk about sizes then it comes either with 5kg, which is for patients having very less need.

And then comes 55kg which is jumbo sized tank, and fulfill needs of patients having large number of oxygen requirement. If we use 5Kg tank at speed of 2 Litre per Minute, then it would last for 3 hours at max.

And if we use 55Kg tank at speed of 2 Litre per minute then it would last for 22 hours and if speed is increased then timings would be reduced accordingly.

5kg tank is specifically designed for people, who are having their patients at home or it us used during mobility ,while transferring patient in car from one place to another.

Safety Checks while purchasing Cylinder:

When you are in process of purchasing oxygen cylinder, then you must check that there should be no piece of rust in cylinder. If you see the rusty piece ask the supplier to change it immediately.Because the optimal pressure for filled cylinder is in between 1700-2000 PSI. And this highly compressed pressure would not be good if cylinder is rusty

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